Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today is the beginning of my blogging experience. I am sure there is a lot to learn but I thought I might as well start now and learn as I go.
Welcome to my blog! I am so giddy with the thought that I have a blog!! I know blogging is what people are doing but I always seem to be a bit behind in the norm.
I wanted to start off by saying that I am hoping this new venture will take me places and open up possibilities for me.

I hope to keep you posted on my soaping ventures and my thoughts of the day. Bare with me and thanks for joining me along.



  1. Hi Melissa,
    I'm so glad you started a blog. Keep up the good work and try to post some pic if you can. If you need help just ask me.

  2. Thanks Delores..I really appreciate all of your help and guidance.