Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Inspirations

As I start this blog, I have been thinking about what I was going to write next. I thought it would be nice to take this time to acknowledge the amazing people I have met along my journey.

As I mentioned in my profile I came across this incredible tour group based out of Australia called Aroma Tours ( I saw that they hosted a tour called Provence Aromatherapy Tour and I was hooked. I booked my flight to Marseille France via the way of Belgium and booked my spot on the tour. This was my first time traveling out of the country so needless to say I had to get a passport and study up on Provence. I was so excited about this trip and if you know me, you know I tend to have big girl moments, well this was one of those moments.

I can't even begin to explain what this week in Provence did to me. It opened up my eyes to Europe, to food, to great wine and to meeting fantastic people. One woman I shared a room with was Joanne Landers. Can you believe we were paired up because she lived in New Jersey but that wasn't the crazy part. The crazy part was that she had a daughter who lived right around the corner from me in little ole Astoria!! Joanne and I keep in touch via email and she is one amazing woman. The best part was that we were like 2 giddy high school girls at night laughing so much that we barely slept! I can go on and on about Provence but to be honest you need to experience it yourself. So please check out their website and if you drop then an email please tell them I said hello! Ok one more funny bit, you would think that all the different people Jim and Robbi meet along their ways, why would they remember me? Well they do and that is because on one of our ventures experiencing the countryside, we visited a rose garden that was high in the mountains and there was this "special" wall of rocks that was said to have the ability to make one fertile. Ok did I mention that I was going to meet my new husband (now ex!! LOL) in Paris for a week after Provence? So yes, I jokingly rubbed myself all over the rock and let's just say someone came home with a bun in the oven. Oh yes, back to the point, Jim and Robbi remember me from my moment on the rock!! LOL

Moving into the future, I kept learning about Aromatherapy and discovered that one can make their own soap. My new passion began and I am so very glad that I have developed the addiction of soap making. The first person I met was Sue Nadel ( at a soap meet up group. The group never took off but my friendship with Sue did. We took a soapmaking class with Ursula Basch from The Herbal Bear ( and we were hooked. As excited we both were we both agreed that we needed each other to make soap. See making soap includes mixing water and lye with the oils and this sorta scared us because of the hazards that can occur if not done properly. Sue would also come to my house and we would experiment and that is were the love of my Oatmeal Soap began. My son also loves Sue and her husband that he asks all the time when is she coming over. She is a wonderful person and I am glad she is a part of our lives.

Soap making is a small world and while searching along on yahoo groups and meetup groups, Sue and I discoverd Delores Harris from Brooklyn NY ( She is amazing and you can read a great article about her from an article written in Newsday
After reading that you can see why I adore Delores. She has been a great support and always is there when you have questions. Not to mention that she is a certified soapmaker by the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild Inc ( I hope to one day be a part of this organization but for now, I will continue working on my craft. Delores also runs a Meetup group called the CP Brooklyn Soapmakers and here is when a group of us ladies get together monthly and experiment, share, chat and learn from one another.

There are many more I would like to give kudos to but for now I wanted to honor these woman before I lose all of my thoughts to a sleepy haze.

I hope you enjoyed reading and please share with me and the readers your thoughts.



  1. OMG! OMG! OMG! I'm SO excited & honored to be mentioned in your blog! Melissa's oatmeal soap ROCKS!! My husband always asks when I'm going to Melissa's to make soap because I always come home so happy. That, plus her sweet son always put a smile on my face. I probably would not be making soap if it weren't for Melissa & for that I will always be truly grateful. Continued success and congratulations on your new blog! Hugs, Sue

  2. Hey Sue
    I couldn't not have written my post without commenting on you. You have been my inspiration!