Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Fun is Just Beginning

What a great weekend! I had donated soaps to a fundraising event that took place last night. It was to benefit the flood victims of the Phillipines and it was fun. I wish I could have stayed but the mere fact that someone reached out to me and asked for my assistance felt great! Check out Chris and Diana's website at to see the post party pictures (as of this writing at 10:46 PM, they haven't been posted yet). Trust me I keep checking because I am excited to see who bid for my soaps!!

I also spent the weekend meeting up with grammer school friends, many I haven't seen, since 1986. That was a blast and always fun when getting together with people who were a big part of one's life.

Sunday was just the day to go over and update my website, my etsy site and taking more pictures and developing more products. I was able to accomplish making my Lavender Lotion Bar and I was about to work on the Whipped Body Butters but I am going to admit to being too tired. The hardest part was actually making the labels. No one can't say this isn't a total hands on business!! LOL

No matter what I am having so much fun in my ventures and I hope if you get to purchase one of my items, you feel it too!


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