Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh Boy Please Don't Let Me Get Sick!

I have been holding my breath since September that my son doesn't come home sick. Wishful thinking knowing that he is now in "Big Boy School" {PreK} and anything is possible. Last night around 2 am he woke up full of energy but quickly starting coughing and then alas the first sneeze arrived. All I could do is say to myself, "self, let's hope he doesn't get a fever". He didn't develop a fever however I knew I had to keep him home because I didn't want to make it to work and then get the PHONE CALL! I also had no idea that my mom was staying home as well for feeling under the weather. Oh my!

In one minute I was thinking ok, I would be home with a sick child and I can work on my website then it changed to soup maker, laundry attendant and nurse all in one. As long as everyone is well and recovers I don't mind if I couldn't work on my website.

The life of a mom!!



  1. You have the right priorities. Family first.

  2. Yes Delores, family first!! You know how much I love my munchkin!!