Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Day of Love

I apologize this post comes 4 days after Valentine's Day however I was striken with the stomach bug and so I spent the day on my sofa under a huge blanket. I wanted to share with you my son's contribution for his school's Valentine's Day party via the picture I have posted.

My son couldn't be at school that day because he had an eye appointment that couldn't be missed. However I had him make bags for his friends and we filled it with candy delights. I brought the bag to school and made arrangements for him to come back at dismissal time to get his bag of goodies. How cute was it to see the girls skretch "Juan, Juan we missed you"!! How funny is that to hear 4 and 5 year olds screaming as if they just saw one of stars of Twilight! LOL

I may not have a Valentine's husband or boyfriend, but I have an amazing little boy who is all I need. As a single mom I try hard to teach him at his sweet age to be respectful of girls, although they are icky at this time. I always tell him that you think they are icky now but wait another 10 years, you are going to be mesmorized by them.


Soapy Love


  1. Thanks for sharing such a cute story. It really made my day!

  2. Thanks Arvi, I am glad I was able to put a smile on your face. Sometimes when I am having a down day I look at pics of my son and I am complete again!