Sunday, February 7, 2010

Have Been MIA but For Good Reason

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

I apologize for being gone since my last blog but I have been busy with good things happening for me and Naturally Good Soaps. However, before I begin, I have taken an oath and will make a committment to blog at least once a week.

Since my last blog I wrote about my ventures with my new approach to my health. I have been seeing Dr Cori Sterns-Torres from the HealthPoint Nutritional Center and in 5 weeks so much has happened. I went in for typical issues, like stress, anxiety, poor body image, Rosecea and insomnia. Boy it seems like a lot when you write it out and read it! In my time with Dr Cori, I have averaged about 1 lb a week of weight loss, sleeping has improved tremendously, energy level is high, stress is manageable, anxiety - what is that? LOL Most importantly, I am liking ME!! As part of my individual plan I had to cut out sugar and flour and that has been difficult but well worth it. Oh yeah how can I forget, my Rosecea seems to be going away slowly. I no longer have glowing red cheeks!

I will continue on this plan for about a year but with a life long of changes and results.

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