Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Am Walking Through the Door

Sometimes one doesn't know where life will take you. We can dream, we can hope, we can pray. Other times we need to hold our breath and take the leap of faith. This leap, I have taken and there is no turning back.

In 2004 I had taken an Entrepreneurial Assistance Program out of the Queens Borough President's Office in Queens, NY. Here is where I started my journey into small business ownership under the tutelage of Rev. Nigel Pearce (he wasn't a Reverend when I met him but since has become one). I always told Rev. Nigel that I was fearful of succeeding and so with that he allowed me to grow at my own pace. Life as well became overwhelming and so I put my soapy dreams on hold. However, I never stopped learning, studying, played around with recipes for soap and bath products.

Here comes 2009 and like a baby who is crawling one day and walking the next, I decided it was time to get this going. I started making soap, participated in indie craft fairs, starting selling to family and friends, created a website, started getting connected to other soapermakers and there was no stopping me. I knew that I needed to make the call that would change my life forever. I always kept in touch with Rev. Nigel via email and always felt his support via his words. I finally asked to see him so I can bounce some ideas off of him and share with him what I have been doing. I prepared for 2 weeks as if I was studying for some state exam and had a 6 page "report" I was going to share with him. He was excited and elated to see and hear my excitement. He kept saying, "you had it in 2004 and you still have it now". I knew from this moment on I was going to open doors that I kept closed for so many years.

Rev. Nigel has given me some homework to do and also set up a meeting for meet another local woman business owner, Lisa from Robbie Dawg, Inc.( Lisa has her manufacturing plant in Red Hook (Brooklyn), NY and I am so excited about this meeting. I have loads of questions for Lisa, some probably naive others out of curiosity.

My journey has begun, I am no longer peaking from behind the door but I am standing in front of it. I hope in a few months from now I am sharing with you my journey in securing a warehouse, ordering drums of oils, setting up accounts and probably sharing some of my fears.

From the words of Rev. Nigel Pearce "It is my desire to see you succeed beyond your wildest imagination, because you are a beacon of hope for so many people."

Soapy dreams do come true..


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