Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Presentation at the HealthPoint Nutrition Center

Part of what I have been doing to get exposure for my budding business, Naturally Good Soaps, I partake in events in the community and try to keep up with Twitter and Facebook. I am aware that this is just one of a few ways to get my mission accomplished. When my HealthCare Nutritionist, Dr Cori Stern-Torres asked that I speak about my business at a workshop she was having on Skin and Beauty, I was elated and jumped on it.

I spent about a week putting ideas together and samples and was excited about the prospects. I even wrote out a little speech like one would do when they are up for a Grammy award.

I have attended a few of Dr Cori's workshops so I understood that she uses the angle of you are what you eat to speak about the specific topic at hand. I also took that approach and started with "Dr Cori is here to get your insides healthy and I am here to get your outsides healthy!" I don't know how I come up with this!! LOL

I really just shared how when we work hard to get our health to a point where we are healthy, not dependant on high blood pressure medication etc, we need to do the same for our skin. Our skin is the protector of our inside organs so why would we want to detroy it? I talked a bit about how when you read a food label, you need to start making this a practice in reading a cosmetic label. I explained how I started my business and for what reasons. I shared that you don't have to spend millions and buy that .5 oz cream that has whale sperm in it for $999.99 to obtain healthy beauty. They laughed, they nodded, they smiled. I welcomed them to their new journey and wished them so much luck.

I will say, I do presentations professionally however this was different. I am not sure it was because I am now feeling like a small business owner with the potential to be successful. All I know is that I liked it and I am ready for more.

Soapy Thanks!!


  1. Oh, Melissa, that sounds wonderful! I remember a statement you made to me right after Christmas, this post tells me you have jumped that big hurdle. Life has a way of guilding us in new directions!

  2. Thanks Mary!! Your words are always comforting and kind. I treasure you as a friend and fellow soapmaker..

  3. Sounds like it was a great presentation. Do you speak at events like this a lot?

  4. Thanks Hunckler..I do presentations for my 9-5 job (child welfare trainer) and this was my first for my business. Different feeling and I was a nervous mess. Otherwise it went well, at least I think it did..LOL