Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Time in Tampa Florida

I am writing this blog from the Tampa International Airport. It is 4 something in the morning and I should be home back in NY sleeping in my bed. However as they say make lemonade out of lemons? Or at least something like that.

I arrived to Tampa on Wednesday to attend a conference for my day job, or at least how I like to label it, the job that pays the bills. It was held at the beautiful Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort and yes it was beautiful. The days were clear and warm and the conference was informative. I didn't sneak out of workshops to hang out on the beach, I was a good paid employee who took in all the information and took good notes.

Friday comes and I don't have a flight out until 6:55 pm. Enough time for me to make it over to see Trista at Indigo Bee Soap in South Tampa. I love meeting up with other soapers and learning form them. Trista was gracious and welcomed me as if we were old high school buddies. I was glad to make the detour but also glad that I would be going home soon.

Now back to why I am still sitting at the airport. Long story short, flight was delayed until 9:30 then it was canceled because the crew was over 4 minutes on their time and it was deemed "unsafe" for them to continue to work. I don't think they thought it was deemed unsafe to strand a plane full of passengers. I will give props were props are due. The crew did supply us with drinks and snacks and tried to get us on the next flight or help accommodate. They were able to get me on a flight back to NY on Saturday at 11:50 am. I took it. I wasn't going to fight and for sure I wasn't going to cause a scene that would end me up in county jail.

Soon I will be home hugging and kissing my 5 year old who has been eagerly awaiting my presence. In the midst of all of this I have been thinking about the soaps I have to make when I get home..Ahhh the life of a soaper!! LOL


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