Friday, May 14, 2010

The Soap Studio

As some of you know I have been wanting to have a space where I can call my own. I live in a 2 bedroom railroad apartment in Astoria, NY and so space is difficult to come by. I started feeling less productive since I had my raw products all over the place. I decided that I needed to create a space that I can work, be productive, and be happy. So you are wondering what I did right? Well I gave up my bedroom. Yes, you heard me correctly, I gave up my bedroom! I gave my bedroom to my son, since he is getting big and needed more space and I took his room.

My son sweetly asked where was I going to sleep and I told him that I could sleep on the sofa bed. I explained that sometimes we needed to make sacrifices in order to achieve our goals and dreams. He told me that I could always sleep with him which really is sweet but couldn't happen since he has a twin bed and sleeps like a hot mess!

So for now I only have a picture of the color of the wall and soon I will post more pics of the complete studio, shelves and all. Please note my good luck charms. The middle one is my son's first place winnings at Olympic Day at school. That one is my favorite - for obvious reasons.



  1. Very brave of you! Can't wait to see the finished studio... I certainly like the start... the colour.. your good-luck charms. Your son sounds like a sweetie. I was glad to stumble accross your blog and will be interested to hear how the business is going now that you have an website. xo Jen

  2. Hi Jennifer, Thanks for the follow and kind words. I will keep you posted of all my ups as well as some of the downs (hopefully not too many of those) LOL