Friday, August 27, 2010


Oh my I didn't realize I have been away from blog since the beginning of June! I am so very sorry that I have been a bad blogger!! I hope you can forgive me and know that I have been really busy and productive.

Let's see the first great thing to happen was I had received my first wholesale order from Greeny's Natural Market from Shelter Island NY. The owner Jen is fantastic and her market is just the cutest! I am proud to be on Greeny's shelves and look forward to our growing relationship.

The second has been my growing interest and love for herbs. I always was fascinated by herbs but was also intimidated by them. I took a 3 day course at the New York Open Center , with herbalist and Wise Woman Traditionalist Robin Rose Bennett. She was amazing and I left each class with a new found respect, love and admiration. I am hoping to take the online courses with Susan Weed who is based in Woodstock NY.

I just can't begin to explain the internal excitement I am feeling and experiencing. I feel like a kid in candy store when I order my herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs and I just want to order the whole website! LOL Silly I know but that is how I feel.

I will be on vacation next week and my plan is to plan for my new products and new website design. I know I am supposed to be on vacation but I feel like this will be the best time to be productive in the sun!

Until next safe and be well!



  1. I love MRH, they have the best dried plants I've ever seen!

    I've also considered taking classes with Susun Weed, but I'm undecided.. I'd love a refresher course, but I don't want to go through every beginner thing again. My goal is to someday make enough money through Wunder Budder so that I can take courses and go on wild-crafting road trips and they can be tax write-offs because they'd be part of bettering my business!

  2. Hi Lisa,

    MRH is fantastic! I adore their herbs and I love looking at their is pretty and informative. If you check the MRH website under Learn About Herbal Education you can find a school in MA. I have embraced herbs and can not wait to sink my teeth in!