Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Day to Never Be Forgotten - 9/11

Today is a sad day in history. Many lives have been changed forever because of attacks to our country. I will never forget the day when I too was supposed to be in the area for a meeting that was canceled the night prior. My office phone rang at 4:50 pm.  I never pick up the phone a few minutes before I am supposed to leave because I don't want to deal with last minute issues. For some reason I picked up the phone and the voice on the other end was one that was familiar. She told me she apologized for calling at the last minute but that the meeting we had scheduled was canceled and not to show up. I thought oh great, no worries then! Instead that morning I decided to head to the post office to send a care package to one of my clients who was in college. As I stood on the line I watched NY1 and saw the planes crashing into the towers. At first I thought to myself "Geez, whoever thinks this  makes a great movie sure has poor taste!" Of course it took me minutes to realize it wasn't a movie, but it was real. My life has never been the same again..

I dedicate this to a high school friend Francisco Munoz who died in the towers that day. I recently found out that he wasn't even living in NY at that time but was here on that day for a work related event. RIP...May your wife and family find the peace they need in heal.



  1. What a great article of remembrance! I have a friend who had an office at the Pentagon. First thing that morning, he was called to a last-minute meeting. His office was the one with the safe hanging out of it; he'd have been dead were it not for that meeting. Thank God for last-minute meeting changes! Prayers and blessings for your friend's family and for all those whose lives were irrevocably changed that September morning.

  2. Thanks Sara..I relive this day every year. It doesn't seem to get better but each year I grow more grateful!