Monday, September 6, 2010

Lavender by The Bay - East Marion, NY

This summer I had visited Greenport Long Island and feel in love with this quaint little town. A while back I had googled lavender in NY and came across the farm of Lavender by the Bay in East Marion, NY. I didn't realize how close it was to Greenport so on my second visit out on the island, I decided to pay them a visit.

The second I drove up to the location, I was pulled back to 2004 when I visited Provence, France. The lavender aroma was incredible and I was in heaven. The lavender field is incredible and the barn is filled with Lavender goodies. There was satchels, lavender by the pound, prints of lavender, custom made cards, honey, herbs, linens and a beautiful portrait of a lavender field that retailed for $1,000.00.

I had bought a bunch of freshly picked lavender. I was instructed to separate it into 3 bunches and tie them together to be dried upside down. Within 5 days the lavender dried beautifully and I have them all throughout the house. I love the way they look and smell and wish I had bought more.


  1. At least you have the chance to visit such a place, and get fresh lavender! No such thing in this part of the world, unfortunately.

  2. Oh I know I am lucky however the best ones are on the West Coast in Oregon! One day I will make it there to visit.

  3. Thanks was a sweet surprise to find!