Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Am Walking Through the Door

Sometimes one doesn't know where life will take you. We can dream, we can hope, we can pray. Other times we need to hold our breath and take the leap of faith. This leap, I have taken and there is no turning back.

In 2004 I had taken an Entrepreneurial Assistance Program out of the Queens Borough President's Office in Queens, NY. Here is where I started my journey into small business ownership under the tutelage of Rev. Nigel Pearce (he wasn't a Reverend when I met him but since has become one). I always told Rev. Nigel that I was fearful of succeeding and so with that he allowed me to grow at my own pace. Life as well became overwhelming and so I put my soapy dreams on hold. However, I never stopped learning, studying, played around with recipes for soap and bath products.

Here comes 2009 and like a baby who is crawling one day and walking the next, I decided it was time to get this going. I started making soap, participated in indie craft fairs, starting selling to family and friends, created a website, started getting connected to other soapermakers and there was no stopping me. I knew that I needed to make the call that would change my life forever. I always kept in touch with Rev. Nigel via email and always felt his support via his words. I finally asked to see him so I can bounce some ideas off of him and share with him what I have been doing. I prepared for 2 weeks as if I was studying for some state exam and had a 6 page "report" I was going to share with him. He was excited and elated to see and hear my excitement. He kept saying, "you had it in 2004 and you still have it now". I knew from this moment on I was going to open doors that I kept closed for so many years.

Rev. Nigel has given me some homework to do and also set up a meeting for meet another local woman business owner, Lisa from Robbie Dawg, Inc.( Lisa has her manufacturing plant in Red Hook (Brooklyn), NY and I am so excited about this meeting. I have loads of questions for Lisa, some probably naive others out of curiosity.

My journey has begun, I am no longer peaking from behind the door but I am standing in front of it. I hope in a few months from now I am sharing with you my journey in securing a warehouse, ordering drums of oils, setting up accounts and probably sharing some of my fears.

From the words of Rev. Nigel Pearce "It is my desire to see you succeed beyond your wildest imagination, because you are a beacon of hope for so many people."

Soapy dreams do come true..


Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Am the WINNER!!

I am not one to play the lotto or to enter contests because I always think I am not going to win. However on Wednesday February 10th my luck changed. I entered a contest given by Honey Bee Soaps ( on her Wordless Wednesday blog entry. I commented on her picture and not because I thought I could win but because I really liked her Valentine's Day soaps.

To my surprise, I was the winner!! Woo Hoo how exciting it was to receive the email that I WON!

I received my package at work and my co-workers were laughing at me because I was ripping the box open as if the Hope Diamond was awaiting me. I was so giddy like a kid in a candy store when I saw the soap samples, lotion and lip balm. I LOVE getting soaps from fellow soapmakers. I love to see their creativity in the final product.

So please feel free to shop at Stephanie's website and show her some Honey Soapy Love!


Happy Day of Love

I apologize this post comes 4 days after Valentine's Day however I was striken with the stomach bug and so I spent the day on my sofa under a huge blanket. I wanted to share with you my son's contribution for his school's Valentine's Day party via the picture I have posted.

My son couldn't be at school that day because he had an eye appointment that couldn't be missed. However I had him make bags for his friends and we filled it with candy delights. I brought the bag to school and made arrangements for him to come back at dismissal time to get his bag of goodies. How cute was it to see the girls skretch "Juan, Juan we missed you"!! How funny is that to hear 4 and 5 year olds screaming as if they just saw one of stars of Twilight! LOL

I may not have a Valentine's husband or boyfriend, but I have an amazing little boy who is all I need. As a single mom I try hard to teach him at his sweet age to be respectful of girls, although they are icky at this time. I always tell him that you think they are icky now but wait another 10 years, you are going to be mesmorized by them.


Soapy Love

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

NYC Snowy Forecast

It has been reported throughout the week that NYC is to expect a snow storm like no other. I normally don't get too excited because our snow storms do not compare to those of when I was a child in the 70's. However, the Dept of Education and my son's school St Joseph's have posted on their websites "SCHOOL IS CLOSED TOMORROW DUE TO THE INCLEMENT WEATHER". I chuckled because as a child I was always sent to school no matter what and of course I was planning the same for my son. I will say that I will report to work tomorrow and my son will stay home with his great grandma. My 87 year old grandmother, bless her heart, is packing up her stuff from her home in Riverdale to spend the next few days in my home to care for my son. It is times like this I appreciate family and appreciate the days we have with her.
I wish all my readers much luck tomorrow and be safe. Oh by the way, how ironic, it was this same woman who would send me to school with a 103 fever and she is the first to call me to tell me to keep my son home!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Presentation at the HealthPoint Nutrition Center

Part of what I have been doing to get exposure for my budding business, Naturally Good Soaps, I partake in events in the community and try to keep up with Twitter and Facebook. I am aware that this is just one of a few ways to get my mission accomplished. When my HealthCare Nutritionist, Dr Cori Stern-Torres asked that I speak about my business at a workshop she was having on Skin and Beauty, I was elated and jumped on it.

I spent about a week putting ideas together and samples and was excited about the prospects. I even wrote out a little speech like one would do when they are up for a Grammy award.

I have attended a few of Dr Cori's workshops so I understood that she uses the angle of you are what you eat to speak about the specific topic at hand. I also took that approach and started with "Dr Cori is here to get your insides healthy and I am here to get your outsides healthy!" I don't know how I come up with this!! LOL

I really just shared how when we work hard to get our health to a point where we are healthy, not dependant on high blood pressure medication etc, we need to do the same for our skin. Our skin is the protector of our inside organs so why would we want to detroy it? I talked a bit about how when you read a food label, you need to start making this a practice in reading a cosmetic label. I explained how I started my business and for what reasons. I shared that you don't have to spend millions and buy that .5 oz cream that has whale sperm in it for $999.99 to obtain healthy beauty. They laughed, they nodded, they smiled. I welcomed them to their new journey and wished them so much luck.

I will say, I do presentations professionally however this was different. I am not sure it was because I am now feeling like a small business owner with the potential to be successful. All I know is that I liked it and I am ready for more.

Soapy Thanks!!

Have Been MIA but For Good Reason

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

I apologize for being gone since my last blog but I have been busy with good things happening for me and Naturally Good Soaps. However, before I begin, I have taken an oath and will make a committment to blog at least once a week.

Since my last blog I wrote about my ventures with my new approach to my health. I have been seeing Dr Cori Sterns-Torres from the HealthPoint Nutritional Center and in 5 weeks so much has happened. I went in for typical issues, like stress, anxiety, poor body image, Rosecea and insomnia. Boy it seems like a lot when you write it out and read it! In my time with Dr Cori, I have averaged about 1 lb a week of weight loss, sleeping has improved tremendously, energy level is high, stress is manageable, anxiety - what is that? LOL Most importantly, I am liking ME!! As part of my individual plan I had to cut out sugar and flour and that has been difficult but well worth it. Oh yeah how can I forget, my Rosecea seems to be going away slowly. I no longer have glowing red cheeks!

I will continue on this plan for about a year but with a life long of changes and results.