Monday, September 27, 2010

Day of Glam

On Sunday, September 26, 2010 I participated in a Day of Glam that my friend, Annette was sponsoring. She had asked me a few weeks back if I wanted to come by her house and set up a table of my soapy goods since she is a sales rep for Stella and Dot. It was fun having the girls come over for some amazing wine and cheese and sharing my products with them. Actually one of the husbands was very excited that I had an Oats N' Honey soap. He loves oats and when I told him there is a touch of honey he immediately said "I will take one!" LOL

This was my first house party and I am excited to do some more. It is a great way of getting my products out there and having the experience of planning an event.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Oh My - My New Obsession...Silicone Molds!

Now that I am growing in my soap making company, Naturally Good Soaps, I have developed a new obsession...Silicone Molds!! Oh my there are so many and they are so fun! I also think I like them because I don't have to line them with freezer paper like you have to do with wooden log molds. I just looked at Whole Sale Supplies Plus and they have so many cute silicone molds, that I think I hear my fingers typing my credit card number in their shopping cart real soon!

The molds in this picture are some of my new ones. The metal one I purchased at a cake supply store in NYC for only $5.00! I figured when I start making bath fizzies, this may make a great mold. The silicone molds I bought at Michael's using my 50% off coupon, so they were both $5.00 each as well! Woo discounts! I thought the circle mold would be great for my new sugar scrubs.

In Production this Saturday

Today I had plans to work on the website and get it done. Of course there are always glitch in my weekends that my son is supposed to be with his dad so this plan was nixed. To work on the photos and descriptions would have taken too long and my son would not be happy that I wasn't paying any attention to him. So I just decided to weigh out my oils to get ready for some late night production. Here I have my olive oil, almond and castor oil for the Detox Soap and the calendula infused oil olive, almond and castor oil for the Baby So Gentle Soap. I have a pot already with the shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil to be melted down in the kitchen. At least the day wasn't completely wasted!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Day to Never Be Forgotten - 9/11

Today is a sad day in history. Many lives have been changed forever because of attacks to our country. I will never forget the day when I too was supposed to be in the area for a meeting that was canceled the night prior. My office phone rang at 4:50 pm.  I never pick up the phone a few minutes before I am supposed to leave because I don't want to deal with last minute issues. For some reason I picked up the phone and the voice on the other end was one that was familiar. She told me she apologized for calling at the last minute but that the meeting we had scheduled was canceled and not to show up. I thought oh great, no worries then! Instead that morning I decided to head to the post office to send a care package to one of my clients who was in college. As I stood on the line I watched NY1 and saw the planes crashing into the towers. At first I thought to myself "Geez, whoever thinks this  makes a great movie sure has poor taste!" Of course it took me minutes to realize it wasn't a movie, but it was real. My life has never been the same again..

I dedicate this to a high school friend Francisco Munoz who died in the towers that day. I recently found out that he wasn't even living in NY at that time but was here on that day for a work related event. RIP...May your wife and family find the peace they need in heal.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Web Host - Host Papa!!

I finally changed web hosts!! I know you are probably asking why I am excited about this and the answer is that I have been wanting to do it for some time and finally made the move. I had my domain name and website hosted with a trusted company here in NYC. They were wonderful to work with and I never had any problems with them. However I wanted to switch to a host that was "green" to go more in line with my business and personal lifestyle.
After some research and asking fellow colleagues what they use, I decided to switch to Host Papa. Host Papa is a powered by 100% certified green renewable energy sources. This means that their data centers, web servers, office computers, laptops and office space is managed by wind and solar power energy. How cool is that? The transition will be a learning curve for me since I have a lot of work to do on website as far as updating products and information. However the life of a small business owner is never a dull moment.


Monday, September 6, 2010

Lavender by The Bay - East Marion, NY

This summer I had visited Greenport Long Island and feel in love with this quaint little town. A while back I had googled lavender in NY and came across the farm of Lavender by the Bay in East Marion, NY. I didn't realize how close it was to Greenport so on my second visit out on the island, I decided to pay them a visit.

The second I drove up to the location, I was pulled back to 2004 when I visited Provence, France. The lavender aroma was incredible and I was in heaven. The lavender field is incredible and the barn is filled with Lavender goodies. There was satchels, lavender by the pound, prints of lavender, custom made cards, honey, herbs, linens and a beautiful portrait of a lavender field that retailed for $1,000.00.

I had bought a bunch of freshly picked lavender. I was instructed to separate it into 3 bunches and tie them together to be dried upside down. Within 5 days the lavender dried beautifully and I have them all throughout the house. I love the way they look and smell and wish I had bought more.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Name That Berry!!

Walking home from the health food store I came across this beautiful bush of berries. I immediately thought it was elderberries but then looked it up when I got home and realized they weren't. The berries are a beautiful purple and are strong to the touch. They hang in a beautiful cluster and I was so tempted to pick it but decided it was best to leave it.
Ever since I took classes with Robin Rose Bennett at the Open Center, I have looked at trees, shrubs, weeds, leaves, flowers and all plant life with a different eye. I am amazed as the variety of plant life that exists all around us, even in the city!
So if you can help me identify this beautiful berry I would be grateful..