Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Wow can you believe it is 2011 already? Where did 2010 go? It seems as I get older the time goes by super fast! I spent 2010 embracing the idea that I am a small business owner and in doing so I worked hard on establishing Naturally Good Soaps. 2011 is going to be the year that I grow and allow for opportunities to take hold of NGS.

Making bath and body products is a wonderful industry to be part of. I have met some wonderful business owners along the way and I wanted to take this time to thank them for their friendship and guidance. I have met many of the following of people via social media. It really is a great way to meet and connect without paying for a plane ticket. Mary from Annie's Goat Hill Soap is a soapmaker from Ohio and I am a fan of her goat milk soap. Mary has a wonderful farm with many goats and boxers. Her goat milk soap is luxurious and beautiful. I thank Mary for her continued support and friendship and her knowledge. Another wonderful person is Rose from Brooklyn Bath.  She has been my partner in crime when it comes to our adventures in NYC. Rose currently resides in Boston but when she comes to NYC to visit family, she always has time for us to seek out events that can help our business' grow. You have to see the many emails we send to one another when we discover new things. Another person who I wanted to give a shout out to is Sheri from Paradise City Herbal. Sheri is an amazing woman with a just as amazing garden she is converting to a micro-farm. Sheri's products have helped me with rosacea and her knowledge and passion have inspired me to embrace and love herbs. Of course there are many, many more people I want to thank and I hope to do so in the near future. 

I also wanted to share some professional connections I have made and these people inspire me each and everyday. I have become a huge fan of Marla from Back Porch Soap. Marla is a wonderful business consultant with a wealth of information. There are very few organizations I would give my hard earned money to but Marla is one that I make sure I save for because she provides one on one consultations that any new business owner could use. Then there is Donna Marie from The Indie Beauty Business Network. Donna Marie provides a wealth of information about the industry and has built an amazing network for members to connect with. It is hard to feel isolated and alone in this industry when the truth is there are many producers of bath and body products from the hobbyist to the manufacturer who all support each other.

My goals for 2011 already have begun and I look forward to providing quality products for you. 

Wishing you a wonderful 2011 and I graciously thank you for making 2010 a wonderful one for 
Naturally Good Soaps

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