Wednesday, May 18, 2011

HSMG Soap Conference 2011

Good Afternoon, I am reporting live, from my desk, from NYC!!!
Ok, ok, ok, I know. What I should be saying is, "I am tweeting, facebooking and blogging LIVE FROM MIAMI!!". As you probably know, I didn't make it to the 14th annual HSMG Soap Conference that is being held at the Hilton Downtown Miami hotel. For the record I will say that I am kicking myself in the butt with Rose from Brooklyn Bath, LaVida from LaVida Given by Nature and Rochell from Karess Krafters. We are acting cool about it but deep down, we are kicking and screaming like 2 year olds because we are excited for our fellow soapmakers who are having a blast.
I have a direct drip line via my tweetdeck desk application and my heart is racing as the pictures, updates and happiness I am reading.

So in about a year from now, we will be at the 15th Annual Conference and the rumor is it will be held in the Pacific Northwest. As an East Coast girl, I needed to google Pacific Northwest and saw that it encompasses Washington State, Oregon, Montana and Idaho. I am hoping it is in Washington St or Oregon. I actually love the state of Oregon and am itching to go back. I plan to save after the summer is over so I can attend. Wow, next year is going to be a great year for me! I am turning 40 (yes you heard me), I am treating myself to a trip to Tuscany and going to the Soap Conference! What is better than that??

Follow the tweets by using the hashtag #soapconf11.

So who is coming with me to HSMG Soap Conference 2012?



  1. Oh, yeah, I'll be there. I'm in Northern CA, so it's practically my backyard. Truth be told, deciding whether to go this year was not helped by the thought of having to get up at (what felt like to MY body) 4am every morning, and invariably go to bed way too late. I'm not getting any younger either! :) (BTW, the Pacific Northwest for the HSMG is Washington, Oregon, Idaho and ALASKA! Though I doubt it will be there. That's pretty far for everyone except Alaskans. Here's the location schedule:

  2. Hi Sirona Springs..I did see the schedule and couldn't possibly believe Alaska would be an option! LOL There are a lot of West Coast people who would probably be able to attend to since it close to home. I am excited, Oregon is beautiful and I would love to visit some places while I am there..Essential Wholesale, Mountain rose Herbs..oh and many others. Have a wonderful time in Miami. I understand about the time change, hang in and keep hydrated.

  3. Oh, no, I'm not there. I'm with you on Twitter and Facebook, living vicariously! -Ruth