Wednesday, August 10, 2011

30th Avenue..Astoria, NY

Nestled in the Thomas M. Quinn and Sons, Inc building lies the Astoria Historical Society. In all my years of living in Astoria, I never stepped foot in this amazing place.  In June I had the honor of attending an event featuring local blogger Annabel Short. The name may sound familiar because on May 8, 2011 Annabel did a writeup about me and my life in Astoria but most importantly as a small business owner in Astoria. You can click here to read the write up, which was featured on May 22, 2011.

Annabel had requested that I speak for a few minutes about being a lifelong resident of Astoria. I chuckled because I am only 38 so I guess that does make me a lifer?! At first I had no clue what I was going to say but after hearing the others speak I knew what I would share. I speak in front of people for a living but boy was I nervous. I talked about how my beginnings started to far away on 36-11 Steinway St, how I lived in Queensbridge Housing, then moved over to 25th Road, 14th St, attended St John's Prep HS and how I have been on 30th Ave for about 20 years now. I talked about why this feels like a community and how I am proud to be raising my son here. However I was also honest and real to say that my community is starting to feel like someone else's community because all the mom and pop shops are gone, the rent is getting to high and I am feeling the pinch. I also mentioned my business, Naturally Good Soaps, LLC and how I felt that this was a true 30th Ave business. I am not coming in from another part of the city setting up shop because it is now the place to be. I talked about how I run my business at night when my son is asleep and I hope to one day own commercial property here and employ a few locals. I talked about how I see my business as a true mom and pop shop but hope that I can afford to do so.

Overall it was wonderful and exciting and I was honored to be a part of this great exhibit.

Have you visited your Historical Society today?


  1. What a great opportunity for you! I hope it brings some attention to your business.

  2. Thanks sure has already and it is wonderful!