Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bubbles and Blazes Central NY Soap Gathering

CNY 2011 Official Picture
Yes you heard me correctly when I said there is a Central NY Soap Gathering. Soapmakers are an amazing bunch of men and woman and we LOVE to get together. The planning took a few months with woman like Beth, Cheryl, Karen and Maria (I hope I didn't leave anyone out) who dedicated time and hours to planning the venue, garage sale, food, product swap, yankee swap and FUN!
Cars parked in Maria's driveway
Wonderful hostess Marria from Soap Studio Brookside

Many traveled in from all parts of NY - Long Island, NYC, Cortland, Rochester, to name a few. Some traveled in from Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. What an amazing group of women and men and all levels of expertise. The day started with the garage sale, which is probably the most deadliest activity ever. Here we are trying to sell things that we don't need but yet we turn around and buy what others are selling. Needless to say the idea of having a pretty empty car trunk was just wishful thinking. I think, I actually had just as much stuff going back home. I was able to pick up some wonderful lavender buds from Cheryl and some Chamomile flowers.

The day proceeded with a column swirl demonstration by Maria and Cheryl and a whipped cream soap demonstration by La Shonda. For me this is the best part, seeing how other techinques are done and feeling confident that I can do it too when I get home. In between all of the planned activities, there were lots of talking, giggling, and sharing stories.
La Shonda making whipped soap
Maria and Cherly preparing the column swirl demonstration
Soapers are a wonderful group of people. There is an array of talent and expertise in the room and the commonality of our passion is evident. However when it came to lunch, it was clear there was also another source of expertise. Everyone brought something to eat and the food was amazing! The picture here doesn't really give it justice but you get an idea how beautiful the spread was.

The day ended just as quick as it began. It was so sad to say goodbye but we all left with new friendships and my heart was beating a soapy beat. On the long ride home from Binghamton I reflected on how lucky I was to be at this event and how lucky I am to have found a passion.
Goodies to take home

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