Monday, August 29, 2011

Soapy Travels to Massachusetts 2011

On our way via NYS I-87
I am always up for some adventures and what better way to do that by visiting other soapers? I know I know, I have a new obsession. I can't visit anywhere anymore without having to find or visit soapy friends. Is that bad or do I need an intervention?
This trip was going to take me all the way from Northampton to Boston to Salem,  all in of 2 days. I really did have a mission for this trip. First and foresmost, I wanted to finally meet Sheri from Paradise City Herbal. Sheri and I met via social media and I have fallen in love with her herbal living. She and her husband have an amazing Herban Micro Farm. Earlier this summer Sheri contacted me to see if I would be interested in producing her base soap for her on an as needed basis. I was honored because I love Sheri's products and it is super easy to send her 4# logs whenever she needs it. Here is Sheri and I at a local coffee shop. I didn't realize she was so tall, or is it that I am that short?
After visiting Northampton and beautiful Ms. Sheri, we drove over to Boston to have dinner with my gals! I am always excited to see Rose from Brooklyn Bath, Marla from Back Porch Soap and I met Heather a student of Marla's who was an absolute pleasure. We had a fantastic dinner, conversation and of course laughs! We are a silly bunch and find humor in everything. Here is a picture of us after our bellies were filled with some good food.
Next stop was a quick stop at a hotel in Malden MA for some rest before heading off to Salem in the morning. Needless to say as we were pulling up into the hotel parking, we were greated by the crew that likes to blow kisses and grab crotches. Coming from NY I knew this wasn't good. It was 9:30 at night and we were exhausted. I figured let's make the best of this and leave first thing in the morning. Oh another sign that it wasn't a good spot was the hotel check in person was behind plexi glass. Yeah, I would have been better off sleeping in the car! First thing in the morning we were off to Salem to see Lisa from Wunder Budder. We met at the Front Street Coffeehouse and the coffee was great! Lisa and I didn't meet for too long because the rain was coming down hard and we had a 4 hour drive back home. However, next time I will stop again in Salem and tour this quaint little town.

Glad you enjoyed my adventures. What kind of soapy adventures do you like to get into?


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