Monday, August 15, 2011

Teaching Spotlight: York College CUNY

On July 16, 2011 I awoke to excitment that I would be introducing 7 eager students to the world of soap making..cold process soapming that is! I had my bags with all the stuff I needed ready and packed by the door. My friend Greg offered to help me by driving me and take photos for me. Although I thanked Greg a thousand times, here is one thousand and one..THANK YOU!

Seven students, three hours and  sixty four pounds of soap I was exhausted but had loads of fun. The students ranged from a veteran melt and pour soapmaker, the curious, the naturalist and the excited.

The students were introduced to the world of sodium hydroxide and how this very important ingredient is what makes soap when introduced to oils and butters. They geared up in their protective gear and were ready to get to work.

Suniel from Sri Lanka.
Here is Suniel from Sri Lanka who was visiting NY with his wife. He saw the course offerings from York College CUNY and signed up right away. He stated he was interested in opening up a warehouse in Sri Lanka and that he would stay in touch with me. He sure has and his questions are wonderful. It is exciting to be an inspiration to him and many others.

The class started with a little fear but half way through, they were excited to see the final product and to begin their soaping journey. It was loads of fun and subsequently have been in regular contact with a few of the students.

I will be back at York College CUNY in October conducting a holiday soap making class. It is time to get yourselves ready for the upcoming holiday season.

What kind of class have you taken that you really enjoyed?

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